Team Building

In our integrated hotel, we organize business gatherings for you and your collaborators and partners. We offer the planning and organization of meetings for up to fifty persons when, depending on the necessity, our restaurant transforms into a media center. The advantage of Bjelolasica is its location in the center of our beautiful country, allowing quick arrival from all over Croatia. Do you want to brighten your business meetings with a relaxing peace amid mountains, you’ve come to the right place. In the meeting breaks, you can offer your partners a pass-time that they won’t possibly have in urban and busy city centers. During the winter months, it can be walking the snow-covered village streets or relaxing with billiards and board games in the social room of the hotel. When the green replaces the white, we offer a variety of short trips and activities to nearby locations that will give you rest and a new shot of enthusiasm to take on your business tasks and obligations.

Business receptions

Should you want to simply treat your business partners with delicious home-cooked meals we will be happy to organize various types of receptions for you. Our cuisine is based on ingredients that come from this very region. First of all, we want to make it a completely authentic and credible experience. Let the experienced hands of our chefs and waiters do their magic and make your stay an unforgettable gastro experience. Also, should you want to use the premises of our hotel to hold presentations, seminars, workshops or theme parties, we will do our best to fulfill your wishes and expectations.

Team building

The time we live in is full of challenges that require a lot of energy and efforts. Especially in the business world, we often forget about ourselves, giving it all to our workplace. To restore your employees’ smile and encourage their creativity, we offer you a variety of team building programs, depending on the interests and composition of your team, their physical abilities, but also the time of year. We organize various programs for you to have a great time, and thus strengthen the team spirit and increase the satisfaction of your employees. These programs aim to create a healthy atmosphere and interpersonal relationships within the company that is later reflected mostly in the professional, business, but also in private life. Inside the hotel complex, we organize extraordinary experiences in which participants, divided into teams, independently plan and execute tasks. These tasks can be of fun and sports character which will test your physical fitness, but at the same time, you will be relaxed and having fun playing a variety of games (i.e. tug-of-war, archery, shooting a slingshot, and similar activities depending on preferences and physical abilities of participants). If your primary intention is to have fun, we offer you the organization of various games and contests that will make you laugh and relieve, such as quizzes, cooking competitions, picnics, karaoke show, etc. If you wish to work on encouraging creativity with your business partners and colleagues, we will teach you how to make the new old (arranging furniture in the shabby chic style), organize photographic and film workshops or anything else that might interest you. For those addicted to adrenalin, we organize various competitions in which you can demonstrate your ability and willingness to try out the limits of your own capabilities in mastering mountain biking trails, riding quads and similar.

Let us take care of the organization of your business gatherings, you won’t be disappointed! We strongly believe that you will enjoy to the fullest and that you will want to come back to the Integral Hotel Bjelolasica.

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